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28th – 30th June 2023


The International Conference on Resilient Systems returns in 2023!

This year’s in-person conference will be a platform for researchers across the world to gather and share expertise in the design, analysis and governance of resilient interconnected social-technical-environment (STE) systems. The 2023 International Conference on Resilient Systems will adopt a wide-angle-lens view along key areas of application of the concept of resilience. We want this conference to showcase our awareness for pressing global challenges:

Resilience for a World in Distress

The ICRS is jointly organised by Escuela de Gobierno y Tranformación Pública, the Singapore-ETH Centre (SEC), the Stevens Institute of Technology and 4TU Centre for Resilience Engineering (4TU.RE). Hosted in Mexico City and featuring three days of keynote presentations, discussion panels and interactive sessions, the conference is an opportunity to exchange cross-national and cross-disciplinary perspectives on resilience, for meeting the challenges of today and tomorrow.

We are pleased to announce that a special issue in the Journal of Sustainability Analytics and Modeling will be linked to this year’s conference. Authors of accepted abstracts will invited to submit a paper to the Journal of Sustainability Analytics and Modeling. Submissions will be open from 1 April until 30 November 2023.